A Baker's Dozen

by The Bakers

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In the process of finishing recording a brand new Psychedelic Punk album


released June 12, 2015

Written, recorded, and produced by The Bakers



all rights reserved


The Bakers Cleveland, Ohio

Were a Psychedelic Punk band from Cleveland Ohio. Currently touring and recording our debut album A Baker's Dozen.Check out our music and come see a show sometime.

The Bakerse Are
Joey Shannon - Drums,
Bryan Viviani - Vocals and Guitar,
Drewski - Bass

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Track Name: Eric The Chinchilla
People always try to tell me that I am so small
That I make no fucking difference at all
Well I know that's a lie its not fucking true
No human will tell me what I'm supposed to do

Eric The Chinchilla

Seven billion people livin on this planet Earth
Constantly told by them that I have no self worth
They say that I can't bring change cause I'm just a single man
But their blinded by ignorance they don't know my life plan

You can change the world day by day one step at a time
Size doesn't matter I know that because Eric changed mine
it's simple its not that hard just live the golden rule
Shed the veil see the light quit being a fool
Track Name: Out Of My Mind Inside My Head
Out of tune thoughts dripping down my ears
Schizophrenic thought process for all to hear
Watchin the world with my hazy eyes
On a psychedelic trip to my demise
Electromagnetism makes my fingers curl
My brains a black hole life's a swirl
As I see the colors fade i start to drift
Out of time in between realms a paradime shift

Out Of My Mind
Inside My Head

Opening endless doors on an infinite plain
Unbalanced equilibrium am i still sane?
Perception deeper in the realm that is my mind
My souls on fire sparks static through my veins and spine
My consciousness is like a splattered ball of paint
Life's a canvas for a what I can create
But still I'm searchin for an answer not to be found
Within the fuzzy frequencies and phases of life's sounds

I'm out of my mind
Inside of my head
Track Name: The Shop
Well if you got nothin to do on a Saturday night
just come down to the shop its gonna be alright
See The Basics Swirly us and the Carltones
Everyones gonna be there you gotta go
Its the place to be its like Gilman street
24 Elevator Ave is where we meet
Its free to get it so come bring your friends
and get drunk on PBR and a bottle of gin

You can hear some punk rock
some reggae music too
swing to the blues some jazz too
Get hammered on the booze

Jump on the stage mosh scream sing along
Don't be afraid to bring all your bongs
See all the punks the usual crew
Joey Mike Mitch Dill PICKLE Pasta Clayton Drew.
Its our local scene and keeps punk alive
you gotta shake rattle and roll jump and jive
Its our favorite place around town to play
So come on out for subterranean Saturday


Well If you got nothin to do on a Saturday night
just come down to The Shop its gonna be alright
See the Pizza Creeps Blackwater and Sharknado
If you park at The Moose Stephens gonna say hey no
Its the place to be its like Gilman Street
24 Elevator Ave is where we meet
Its free to get in so come on bring your friends
Get drunk on pabst blue ribbon and keep shaboylin!

Get hammered on the booze
Well Get hammered on the booze
Were throwin up from the booze
Were passin out from the Booze