Generation 404

by The Bakers

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Here's our debut album Generation 404. It takes all the different styles of punk rock and puts them into 14 kick ass songs. Each song is unique in its own way. There's no filler songs on this album so listen to it all the way through cause we promise you won't be disappointed!


released May 10, 2014

All songs written and recorded by The Bakers. Lyrics by Bryan Baker, music by The Bakers



all rights reserved


The Bakers Cleveland, Ohio

Were a Psychedelic Punk band from Cleveland Ohio. Currently touring and recording our debut album A Baker's Dozen.Check out our music and come see a show sometime.

The Bakerse Are
Joey Shannon - Drums,
Bryan Viviani - Vocals and Guitar,
Drewski - Bass

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Track Name: Punk Ideologies
Never said to take my word just share a few insights
Some guidance on how you and everyone should live their life
I once was confused but I've figured it out
I'm at peace with myself I've erased all my doubts

You gotta look deep down into yourself
You gotta have pride and be proud of who you are
Any and everything is possible
Don't ever give up your already a star
Everyone's equal treat them all the same
No one is special there's no thing as fame
Don't try to fit in don't be the third wheel
If you try to act cool your not being real

Never dress to impress you can dye your hair
D.I.Y express yourself wear what you wanna wear
Combat boots and studs they don't make you a punk
It's what's in your head so you can't be debunked

You gotta stand up for all your beliefs
Every minute everyday at all costs
Speak your mind freely don't follow the trends
Maybe then you wouldn't be so damn lost
Your the dealer make the rules in life's game
Move along don't hesitate have no shame
Don't ever let anyone kick you down
The worlds one giant parade of the clowns

Punks more than a genre it's a lifestyle
It's what I've found to make my life worthwhile
Take a good look in your heart what's deep inside of you
Do whatever you want anything and everything that you wanna do

Cause that's what it means to be punk
Track Name: "Scrappy"
Well Scrappy was a boy only just 15
His world so young so much to be seen
Late one summer night he went for a ride
Suddenly found cops at his side
Caught in the act, red handed, kicked in the teeth
Had paraphernalia stashed in the seats
Only possessed a half gram and a bowl
But still the legal system threw him in the hole yea

Sent to court
Plead guilty
On probation
Caught for smokin weed

Now scrappy has to live his life clean and sober
His time for getting blazed was almost over
Six more months he would have to wait
Before him and Mary could go back on a date
He counts down the days till hes set free
Then he can go on his cheefing spree
But his court date keeps getting pushed back
Will the juvenile judge cut him some slack


Got the police on his back, got the police on his back
Little Scrappy's got the police on his back
Track Name: Aliens From Uranus
He woke in the morning confused from last night
Then opened his eyes blinded by the bright lights
Creatures were crawling underneath his bed
He cried out in fear this is what he had said

Where did they come from why are they here
What else is living is anyone there
Stop this invasion please spare my life
Please go back home and turn out the lights

Where was he taken where was his bed
Was he alive or already dead
Suddenly awoke saw no one around
Begged for his life hope someone heard his sound

Where did they take me why am I here
What else is living is someone there
Stop this abduction please spare my life
Please send me home and turn out the lights

Was he their test subject chosen from Earth
Would he be exposed to mutated birth
Prayed their experiment would cause no pain
Screeched one last time in hopes he would be saved
(Aliens Smokin' Weed)

Why was I kidnapped what took me here
Is anyone living is someone out there
Stop this captivity please spare my life
Please take me home and turn out the lights
Track Name: 4-20
Braid my hair and scratch my eyes
April 20th I'm high
All my problems seem to fade
I no longer am dismayed
Feel my lungs fill with Joy
Soberness has been destroyed
Boredom has come to an end
Contents of my mind transcend

On 4-20

Lay on my back in a daze
My worlds wrapped in a haze
Watch the movies Cheech and Chong
As I dab out with the bong
Lost my awareness of time
Conscienceless has been deprived
Feel at peace within myself
For once perfect mental health

Just give me one more hit
I don;t think I'll ever quit
THC runs through my veins
Intoxication numbs my pain
Wish this day would never end
Then my pleasure would extend
Smoking celebration day
4-20 the stoner parade

My favorite day
Track Name: Tripping on Benadryl
Tripping on Benadryl

My visions all blurry and i can't see for shit
Feel like my hearts about to stop gonna quit
Walking into walls as I stumble though my room
Hearing voices in my head filling me with doom
Nauseating feeling gonna puke out all my guts
Can't control my motions reflexes going nuts
Twitching in my eyes, trembling in my hands
Spiraling into a different reality land

Lay awake and watch the ceiling tiles move all night
Everything is doubled and I'm losing all my sight
Tightness in my chest it's getting hard to breathe
Can't read any of the words on my T.V. screen
Gonna crawl to bed but I can't move my arms
Damaging my body mutilating self harm
Desperate to get high but I never wanted this
Someone pull me out of this horrible abyss

Track Name: Conspiracy Theory

The Illuminati is making us slaves
Forcing us all to play in their mind games
Soon they'll be implanting chips in our spines
Putting us down right there on the front lines

Look open your eyes listen around
Conspiracy Theory's in control now
It's time for change awakening phase
Conspiracy theory they must fall down


They can't get enough till' we all think the same
Our SSID is our number our name
Were spoon fed government manipulation
The systems one big secret corporation

There watching me at night with all of their eyes
Spies, secret agents, and cameras outside
I manage to see through their bullshit and lies
There's nowhere to run and there's nowhere to hide

We must bring them down
Track Name: Suburbia
They think I lost my mind but I don't even care
One year left then were gone the end is drawing near
Explore the world by living out a dream
It's a trail of confusion no one here can see

The social orders molded everyone the same
Point the finger at yourself society's to blame
I will not conform and live your stupid way of life
I will break from these ruins before I bite the knife

Cant you see the motivation deep within my eyes
When I'm locked away at home I rot inside and die
Filled my head with life puzzles ambitions goals and dreams
Execute our master plan escape when were eighteen

Track Name: Chemical 999
I have no idea what's going on in my mind
I don't care about life or anything of its kind
So confused with my place in this world where should I be
Do I make a difference belong in society (go)

I don't know
No place to go
Future unknown

Why am I alive to walk endlessly on this earth
Would anyone care if I died do I have self worth
Where do I belong is there a trail leading somewhere
Would I find what i'm searching for all my answers there (go)

I don't know why I am living maybe I should die
Would I be remembered or would no one even cry

I don't know whats going on in my mind
Could it be from Chemical 999
Bored to death there's nothing to do here
Maybe I should vanish just disappear
Track Name: Brain Latency
Seems like everyday
I'm sitting in my room
All alone all by myself bored with nothing to do
I still don't understand
Doesn't make sense to me
Why am I an outcasted misfit rejected freak

As the days go by
It's getting hard to think
Lagging behind life's a blur I've been pushed to the brink
I'm not fully aware
Of all my surroundings
Nothin makes sense I'm a little dense I'm not livin' in full swing

Why is my mind bound locked up in chains
How do I learn to control life's reigns
Am I stuck tripping on LSD
What's the source of my melancholy

Can't compute my brain latency

Something must be wrong
Maybe I have sinned
I don't understand my place in this fucked up world I'm in
Nuthin is a shock to me
I'm stuck in this routine
I cant calculate the root of my brain latency
Track Name: Self-Control
My guts are burning and my stomachs turning
My sense of right and wrong is broke
I cant prevent have anger management
There's no way that I can cope

Involuntary movements causing the takeover of my brain
I cant withhold it as my will power is slowly drained away

Anxiety building inside of my I'm gonna lose self control
My chest is tied in knots inside of my I have to let it all go
Time bombs ticking away inside of my I think I'm gonna explode
My temper's boiling up inside of me I'm losing my self control

Frustration setting in my pals are sweating
I need to be left alone
Get off my back or else I'm gonna snap
Warning you've entered the danger zone

I feel like a robot I can't stop the takeover of my brain
Somethings within my head it's like I have tourettes and can't be saved

My eyes are twitching whole body's itching
My composure's about to crack
I'm gonna scream don't have no self esteem
The disease is back on the attack

Spontaneous unconsciousness begins to take over my brain
There's nothing I can do it's not my fault i'm mentally deranged

I'm losing my self control
I said i'm losing my self control